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Program Notes: First



 This piece entitled First. I used this name to let others know that this is my first original piece of music.

The piece is in 4/4 time and in the key of Eb. The piece contains four phrases, A,B,C, and D. A,B, and D all have the same chord progression, being I,VI,V,I. The phrase of C has the chord progression of I,vi,VI,ii,V,I.

The piece resembles that of a Baroque style. This is not only because it is purposed for piano/organ, but also that its melody has short figures that are developed into lines of complexity.

In the Baroque period, the struggle between the Roman Catholics and Protestants over religious issues, political power, and the ownership of land brought about the Thirty Years' War. The rise of absolute monarchies and the unification of national states played an important part in the creation of national styles, because the monarchs and princes were amoung the most important patrons of a lavish musical life. Worldwide intensive colonization during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have rise to a wealthy merchant class. Scholarly inquiry became much more important in the Baroque era, and literature and music abounded in affection and expressive feeling.

I discovered a lot of things during arranging this peice. I found out how to use the I,IV,V progression, I found that writing is very rewarding when you hear the product of what you've done. I think that in doing this arrangement I found out that I am able to write music. I think that if I had to do this piece again I would have phrases A and B sound less alike and extend them both. Some things I would keep the same would be the chromatic runs in phrase C and the ending of phrase D.


Craig Watkins