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Program Notes: SOMBER


  I composed the arrangement Somber as a piece that created a dark picture with a bit of color. I hope that the the listener can create for him/herself, a mental image of something. The point I'm tring to make is that I hope that the piece can create a picture instead of listening to the piece just to hear it.

The piece is in Eb minor and in 4/4. The tempo I feel is best is about 80 beats per minute. The piece is written for two Trumpets, a French Horn, and two Trombones. The basic progression is a I,IV,V progression.

Because of its melody and descriptive nature I feel that the piece is Classical in Style. In the printed scores of the Classic period, dynamic markings became commonplace. This was an important means of achieving contrast, but instead of changing the sonority as in the Baroque tutti and concertino, the Classic composer employed crescendo and diminuendo as well as sudden, dynamics, tempo, phrasing, and all other interpretive matters, leaving little to the performers discretion.

By writing this piece I learned more about the art of composing and have had the experience of writing in a minor key. Not only did I learn some things about composing, but also was even more thrilled about the finished product and knowing that I wrote something that people can hear. I think the next time I will try to write something with a little more length to it. Other than its brevity, I am very happy with the piece.