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Program Notes: Caprice No. 1




I composed a piano Caprice over a one month period. It is entitled Caprice No. 1. It is a fairly modern sounding piece. Not in it's harmonic language but in it's emphasis of chords built on fourths rather than on thirds. The piece is approximately one minute and fourteen seconds in length. F is the tonal center of this piece. The key signature has been eliminated to ease the learning process.

I was quite pleased with the outcome of this piece. It accomplished what I had hoped giving it a very unique sound and texture. It moves at times in a smooth melodic curve and others in a jumpy, erratic sort of way. I was pleased with the use of the main theme in various places and at the same time moving away from it. The meter, 7/8, is probably my favorite element in this piece.

There were several things which I think could have been improved. This piece was very brief and still leaves a great potential for possible extension in the future. I feel as though it is almost too short, not that it leaves much to be desired, but I think it could have been lengthened in some way. The main theme could have also been manipulated more; when the main theme does recur the iterations may be too literal. Although there were shortcomings overall I was quite happy with this piece.

F. Myers

November, 1998