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Program Notes: Hymn of Doom

  I composed a Nocturne for brass choir. The instrumentation consists of three trumpets, two french horns, trombone, and bass trombone. The piece is in the key of E-flat harmonic minor. It is a relatively short taking 57 seconds from start to finish. This piece is a dark and gloomy, inspired in part by a piece adapted for brass choir by alumna Kelly Roofner. This piece, entitled "Hymn of Doom," was played fairly frequently through my Sophomore and Junior years in high school.

This piece begins with a trumpet trio played very slowly and deliberately. At the two measure hold they are joined by the other instruments in a general crescendo which carries through the rest of the song. The remainder of the piece is essentially chords with some movement in the horn and trumpet parts which are the melody.


I was happy with this piece because it conveyed the mood which I was trying to get across very well. I wold liked to extend the piece at some point by adding a section featuring he low brass. Overall I think the piece stayed within the original guidelines which were st up for me at the beginning.