Joel Strait

Song in D Major

Program Notes

Joel Strait (grade ten) composed and arranged an original song onto a computer using Noteworthy Composer 1.50 for Windows 95. He then generated a MIDI version of his song. This music was composed during May, 1998.

The style of this music is best described as pop/jazz of the Twentieth Century. The function of 20th century pop music is to entertain, to be danced to, and to express love. They are not given to a complex structure, as they use basic single movement form. In many cases, there is even no real division between vocal and instrumental composition. However, they encompass a great variety of musical styles, including folk, gospel, jazz, country and western, rock, and all their permutations

Information on the Genre: Songs are in either binary or ternary form, and usually have instrumental accompaniment. They resemble small arias, and songs with lyrics are treasured for the rich quality of their poetry.

Information on the Song Structure: The tempo for the song is quarter note=120. It is in D major for the most part; however, it switches to C major at certain places. The left-hand part is mainly an accompaniment part until measures 11-14, when it takes the melody, while the time signature changes to 2/4 time at measures 23 and 28.