Kevin Browne


Program Notes




I constructed this piece of music with the idea of stomp. For those who don't know' stomp is a group of percussionists who make music using household items. This piece of music involves five North Allegheny percussionists singing, stomping, and drumming. The name paddapan came from the idea of padding on pans. The instruments involved are two plastic trashcans, a plastic bucket, one wooden table, one table covered with carpet, two pots, five pans, and one glass bottle. Paddapan is written in five distinctive movements.

The beginning starts rather basic; a cadence involving singing. The second movement consists of repetitive pattern with other beats added every two measures. The third movement is played all on pots and pans, building and building to a peak. After the peak everything dies down to a basic low to high beat. The low to high beat takes place of the fourth movements back-beat. The fourth movement is a jazz improv section, which leads to the last movement. The last movement is a big crescendo filled with sound climaxing to the end.