Music for Percussion


Malamo Countouris



This piece is 31 measures long. It is in 4/4 time. It has 3 motives. Motive A occurs 112 times. Motive B occurs 12 times. Motive C occurs 69 times.

In the Early Twentieth Century elements of music and compositional style had to be reassessed. Music accelerated like many other aspects of the Twentieth Century. No other era can be compared with the diversity and extremes in its expression. The radio and phonograph made music available to most of the world. The search for originality for each composer led to great variety.

Chamber music afforded early twentieth century composers one of the prime areas of musical expression. Composers of chamber music used newly conceived combinations of instruments in their works. Rarely used instruments were incorporated. Percussion instruments of all kinds were used. There were great amounts of writing for groups of 2-15 performers.

I like the ending because it is a good conclusion to the piece. One weak point is the lack of climatic build up to the end. The cymbal is as strong point a keeps the rhythm. I donít like my motive development. My motives are confusing. This piece does not have very good metamorphosis. It is not easy to remember.

From this piece I learned many things. I learned that I need to work on developing my motives. I could possibly use more augmentation and diminution. I learned it is important to have degrees of relaxation and tension. I learned how to make three instruments fit together.