Music for Percussion Ensemble


Cody Soska



Program Notes


For this piece I used the computer program Sibelius 2.0. I made a collection of rhythms I heard from video games, tv shows, movies, and the radio. I tried to keep things very basic so I used common time and a few simple instruments, but I found that it needed more variety.

Because I set this piece up like a call and response, I got a lot of solo instruments at first, but then I changed to solo with accompaniment. With the research I did in class I found that even though my song was modern, it contained a lot of classical rhythms. I also tried to keep a little bit of silence to add to the effect which is also a classical influence. I broke the toms into thirds which was a version of broken classical chords.

Since this is a piece for percussion ensemble, it is most likely made for a small ensemble. It can even be done by two people if one is on a drum set, but this is highly unlikely.

I found that this piece was a great experience to write despite its size. I made it over a long period of time so it has a lot of different ideas in it.